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Static Inline Mixers

Static Mixers are highly-engineered motionless mixing devices that allow for the inline continuous blending of fluids within a pipeline. With no moving parts, static mixers utilize the energy of the flow stream to generate consistent, cost-effective, and reliable mixing. Koflo static mixers are available in-stock for direct purchase or custom designed to meet your specific mixer requirements. Meeting a range of flow rates for a variety of applications, Koflo static inline mixers are the reliable, durable, and efficient solution to your motionless, continuous mixing needs.

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Benefits of a Koflo® Static Mixer

  • Maintenance-Free

    Koflo Static Mixers are built to last using industrial grade materials specifically tailored to your application.

  • Low-Cost

    Koflo Static Mixers are a low-cost alternative to traditional tank mixers both at purchase and during the mixer's lifetime. There are no running costs associated with operating a Koflo Static Mixer on top of running your existing pipeline.

  • Low Energy Requirements

    Because static mixers are motionless by design, all the energy required to provide a perfect blend is provided by the energy of the flow stream.

  • No Moving Parts

    Unlike traditional mixers, static mixers remain motionless during the mixing process.

  • Custom-Designed for Your Application

    All Koflo Static mixers can be custom-tailored to fit your requirements.

  • Quick Delivery

    Koflo maintains complete control over its production process. All static mixers are built in-house at Koflo's manufacturing facility outside Chicago and can be manufactured to meet your project schedule.

Koflo Mixing Technologies

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Koflo Blade™ Mixers

The patented Koflo Blade™ style element provides Koflo's best-in-class efficient mixing ability for turbulent flow applications combined with minimal pressure (head) loss. Koflo's Blade™ elements are available in multiple configurations for specialized, demanding applications

Standard for most static mixers. Available on all Stock Static Mixers and Custom Static Mixers.

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Helical Mixers

Helical static mixers are perfect for operation in laminar flow regimes such as slow moving or viscous streams. By continually dividing and recombining flow streams, Koflo helical mixers are capable of optimally blending in a variety of difficult flow conditions.

Available on most Custom Static Mixers including PVC, Stainless Steel / Metal Alloy, Sanitary / Hygienic, Teflon®, and Kynar®.

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Wafer Mixers

For space-constrained, turbulent-flow applications, Koflo wafer static mixers provide an economical and space-efficient design.

Visit the Wafer Mixer page for more information.

Stock Static Mixers

Koflo maintains a full line of ready-to-ship, off-the-shelf mixers for simple applications.

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Custom Static Mixers

One of Koflo's main strengths is the ability to build custom/OEM mixers at a reasonable cost with the quality and service of our standard product line.

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Welder carefully fillet welding a raised face flange to a stainless steel static mixer.