PICO™ Series Wafer-Style Static Mixer

Custom Static Mixer

For compact mixing performance, Koflo offers the PICO™ wafer-style static mixer series. PICO (Precision Inline Compact Orifice) mixers are the most advanced wafer style mixers in the world with industry-leading pressure loss and mix quality.

Symmetrical mixing plates are flow-optimized to maximize additive dispersion and minimize pressure loss while maintaining a tight residence time distribution (RTD) for the additive flow. Other leading wafer-style mixers rely heavily on back-mixing and flow recirculation which can lead to highly transient flow characteristics, a wide RTD, and elevated chemical concentrations on the discharge side of the mixing plates. PICO series’ patent-pending recirculation disruption orifices at the base of both mixing plates are engineered to ensure the recirculation process starts downstream of the mixer but prevent full recirculation zones from forming. These channels minimize the uneven effects of back-mixing and recirculation near the mixer ring while encouraging turbulent dispersion downstream. Unlike many other wafer-style mixers, PICO mixers are fully drainable when installed in any orientation.

Primarily used for low viscosity additive blending across a wide range of flows, PICO mixers are available in numerous materials of construction with chemically compatible options for all additive chemicals.

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Typical Applications

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Available Options


Wafer static mixer with FNPT chemical injection port

Chemical Injection Ports

Chemical injection ports allow the additive stream to be injected directly into the wafer mixer unit. If more than one chemical injection port is necessary, multiple ports can be radially configured around the edge of the wafer mixer.

Alternate Configurations

  • Wafer Static Mixer with Female NPT Injection Port

    Female NPT Injection Port — Standard

    Koflo standard configuration

  • Wafer Static Mixer with Flanged Injection Port

    Flanged Injection Port

    Flanged injection ports are available in multiple sizes.

Wafer static mixer with FNPT chemical injection port and PVC chemical injection quill

Chemical Injection Port with Quill

Add a Koflo chemical injection quill to your wafer mixer to ensure even chemical dispersion into the center of the pipeline. Visit our Injection Quill page for more information.

Please Note: Koflo offers many additional mixer options that may not be listed above. Please Contact Us to discuss other options or requirements for your specific application.