Injection Quills

Koflo Chemical Injection Quills are used to introduce medium to highly corrosive chemicals into a pipeline without damage to the side port or pipe wall at the point of injection. Chemical injection quills ensure that chemicals are evenly dispersed into the center of the pipeline, which prevents channeling of the chemical down the pipe wall. The body and stinger are both constructed of chemical resistant plastics or alloys (PVC, Kynar, 316 SS, or Hastelloy C-276). Injection quills with 3” to 8” long stingers are available from stock. All injection quills come with female by male NPT connections for ease of installation.

Injection quills with Viton® and EPDM o-rings and units without integrated check valves are certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372.

Koflo line of chemical injection quills: PVC, Stainless Steel, Kynar®, and Hastelloy® injection quills

All quill models are available and in-stock:

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Size comparison of 3 and 5 inch PVC injection quill stinger lengths

Multiple In-Stock Stinger Lengths

Koflo stocks all quill sizes and materials in multiple stinger lengths. Custom stinger lengths are available for all connection sizes and materials upon request. Refer to the Technical Specifications table (below) for a complete list of in-stock configurations.

Precision-Engineered Components

Machined housings ensure reliable and even chemical dispersion within the center of the pipeline. Each unit comes complete with an integral removable spring-loaded ball check to prevent flow of the injected chemical into the main flow when the system is shut down. Check valves are offered from stock with Viton® (FKM) o-ring seals, but can be configured with EPDM or Kalrez® 6375 o-rings for alternative chemical compatibility.

Hastelloy injection quill Exploded

Available Material Options:


Moderate chemical resistance

PVC injection quill body

316/L Stainless Steel

Moderate chemical resistance

316 stainless steel injection quill body

PVDF Kynar®

Improved chemical and corrosion resistance

Kynar® injection quill body

Hastelloy® C-276

Superior chemical, temperature, and corrosion resistance

Hastelloy® C-276 injection quill body

Technical Specifications

Check Valve O-Ring Material
Ships in 2-3 Days
Ships in 2-3 Days
No Check Valve
Ships in 2-3 Days
Size Material Stinger Length Max.
Pressure (PSIG)2
Temp (°F)2
Model Number
1/2" PVC 3" 150 140 QP-.5-3-V QP-.5-3-E QP-.5-3-K QP-.5-3-NC
5" QP-.5-5-V QP-.5-5-E QP-.5-5-K QP-.5-5-NC
PVDF 3" 150 280 QK-.5-3-V QK-.5-3-E QK-.5-3-K QK-.5-3-NC
5" QK-.5-5-V QK-.5-5-E QK-.5-5-K QK-.5-5-NC
316/L Stainless 3" 3000 500 QS-.5-3-V QS-.5-3-E QS-.5-3-K QS-.5-3-NC
5" QS-.5-5-V QS-.5-5-E QS-.5-5-K QS-.5-5-NC
Hastelloy C-276 3" 3000 500 QH-.5-3-V QH-.5-3-E QH-.5-3-K QH-.5-3-NC
5" QH-.5-5-V QH-.5-5-E QH-.5-5-K QH-.5-5-NC
3/4" PVC 4" 150 140 QP-.75-4-V QP-.75-4-E QP-.75-4-K QP-.75-4-NC
6" QP-.75-6-V QP-.75-6-E QP-.75-6-K QP-.75-6-NC
PVDF 4" 150 280 QK-.75-4-V QK-.75-4-E QK-.75-4-K QK-.75-4-NC
6" QK-.75-6-V QK-.75-6-E QK-.75-6-K QK-.75-6-NC
316/L Stainless 4" 3000 500 QS-.75-4-V QS-.75-4-E QS-.75-4-K QS-.75-4-NC
6" QS-.75-6-V QS-.75-6-E QS-.75-6-K QS-.75-6-NC
Hastelloy C-276 4" 3000 500 QH-.75-4-V QH-.75-4-E QH-.75-4-K QH-.75-4-NC
6" QH-.75-6-V QH-.75-6-E QH-.75-6-K QH-.75-6-NC
1" PVC 5" 150 140 QP-1.0-5-V QP-1.0-5-E QP-1.0-5-K QP-1.0-5-NC
8" QP-1.0-8-V QP-1.0-8-E QP-1.0-8-K QP-1.0-8-NC
PVDF 5" 150 280 QK-1.0-5-V QK-1.0-5-E QK-1.0-5-K QK-1.0-5-NC
8" QK-1.0-8-V QK-1.0-8-E QK-1.0-8-K QK-1.0-8-NC
316/L Stainless 5" 3000 500 QS-1.0-5-V QS-1.0-5-E QS-1.0-5-K QS-1.0-5-NC
8" QS-1.0-8-V QS-1.0-8-E QS-1.0-8-K QS-1.0-8-NC
Hastelloy C-276 5" 3000 500 QH-1.0-5-V QH-1.0-5-E QH-1.0-5-K QH-1.0-5-NC
8" QH-1.0-8-V QH-1.0-8-E QH-1.0-8-K QH-1.0-8-NC

1Cracking pressure refers to the differential pressure between the injection and process lines required to open the intergrated check valve. The required cracking pressure for all quills is 5 psi.

2Maximum pressures are listed at ambient temperature. Maximum temperatures assume ambient pressure. For applications with elevated temperature and pressure, consult Koflo for de-rating factors.