Custom Wafer Style Static Mixer

Custom Static Mixer

For limited applications where there is not enough length to accommodate a traditional Static Mixer, Koflo offers a wafer style static mixer utilizing a flow-optimized element channel. The wafer style static mixer mixing plates provide both counter-rotating vortices and back mixing to achieve blending in the downstream flow. Primarily for high flow/low viscosity blending, Koflo Wafer Static Mixers are manufactured in nearly all the materials as our standard static mixer product line. For most applications, a standard Koflo Blade™ style static mixer will provide better mixing with a lower pressure drop than a comparable wafer mixer, however, our wafer static mixer can be an effective alternative when designed properly for the given flow and mixing constraints. Contact us today to learn more about our wafer style static mixers.


Typical Applications

Koflo wafer mixers are recommended for-light duty, space-constrained mixing applications. such as:

  • Chlorine disinfection
  • pH control


  • Diameter: 3" - 24"
  • Materials: 316 / 316L SS, 304 / 304L SS, PVC, Kynar® PVDF, PFA, High Alloys (Hastelloy® C-276 etc.)

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Available Options


Wafer static mixer with FNPT chemical injection port

Chemical Injection Ports

Chemical injection ports allow the additive stream to be injected directly into the wafer mixer unit. If more than one chemical injection port is necessary, multiple ports can be radially configured around the edge of the wafer mixer.

Alternate Configurations

  • Wafer Static Mixer with Female NPT Injection Port

    Female NPT Injection Port — Standard

    Koflo standard configuration

  • Wafer Static Mixer with Flanged Injection Port

    Flanged Injection Port

    Flanged injection ports are available in multiple sizes.

Wafer static mixer with FNPT chemical injection port and PVC chemical injection quill

Chemical Injection Port with Quill

Add a Koflo chemical injection quill to your wafer mixer to ensure even chemical dispersion into the center of the pipeline. Visit our Injection Quill page for more information.

Please Note: Koflo offers many additional mixer options that may not be listed above. Please Contact Us to discuss other options or requirements for your specific application.