Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Hybrid Static Mixers

Custom Static Mixer

Three decades ago, Koflo revolutionized static mixers with the industry's first and only cement-lined ductile iron static mixers as a cost-effective option for municipal water treatment. Our newest product line, the Hybrid Steel Static Mixer for ductile iron lines, continues Koflo's trend of industry innovation, offering 316L stainless steel construction for the mixer housing and mixing elements with 304L stainless steel flat faced flanged ends, ensuring that all wetted mixer parts are resistant to corrosion and contamination, and are safe for contact with potable water.

NSF 61 certification is available on all custom stainless steel Koflo static mixers.

Our hybrid stainless steel static mixer line is offered as a direct replacement to our discontinued ductile iron line and is offered at the same competitive prices as a comparable ductile iron mixer.

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Typical Applications

  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • pH Control
  • Installation in Ductile Iron lines

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Available Options

Element Design

Stainless steel blade elements for ductile iron mixer

Koflo Blade™ Mixing Elements

The patented Koflo Blade™ style element provides Koflo's best-in-class efficient mixing ability for turbulent flow applications combined with minimal pressure (head) loss. Koflo's Blade™ elements are available in multiple configurations for demanding applications

  • Standard Design - Recommended for most applications. Koflo's standard configuration provides the best combination of mixing ability, pressure loss, and overall length.
  • Low Pressure Loss Design - For limited head pressure applications where lower pressure loss is a critical requirement. Lower pressure loss than standard design elements.
  • Ultra Low Pressure Loss Design - For critically limited head applications where lower pressure loss is paramount to the system design.
  • High-Mix Design - For space-constrained applications that demand Koflo's best-in-class mixing in a shorter overall length

Please note that Koflo does not sell elements without housings. Elements are shown for informational purposes only.

Static mixer with non-clog (sludge) mixing elements and element retention disc

Non-clog (Sludge) Mixing Elements

Koflo's patented non-clog (sludge) mixing elements are based on Koflo's standard Blade™ mixing elements and are designed to eliminate clogging or plugging.

Historically, a number of industries with fibrous slurry applications avoided the use of static mixers due to their tendency to plug or foul. In response to this problem, Koflo was the first static mixer manufacturer to fully develop and patent a revolutionary static mixer that is free of pinch points or intersecting elements. Non-clog (sludge) mixer elements are able to handle the most fibrous slurries without plugging. Each mixer contains a series of alternating right and left hand elements thatblend the product stream with counter rotating vortices.

Note: Stainless housing and flanges shown for reference only.

Alternate Image

Non-Clog Sludge Static Mixer End Detail

Other Options

Hybrid Mixer for Ductile Iron Lines with stainless steel elements and flow straightening vane

Flow Straightening Vane

Flow straightening vanes can be added to the downstream end of any ductile iron mixer to significantly reduce the flow rotation caused during the mixing process. Flow straightening vanes have a negligible impact on pressure loss. 

Note: Stainless housing and flanges shown for reference only


End Connections

Ductile iron static mixer with flanged ends

Epoxy-Coated Flanged Ends

Flanged end connections provide easy assembly and disassembly in piping systems. For all hybrid static mixers, Koflo offers Class 150 carbon steel flat face flanged ends as standard for easy installation into existing ductile iron lines. Flanges are coated with an AWWA/NSF 61 approved epoxy to ensure that wetted flange surfaces are safe for contact with the fluid contents. 

All standard flange dimensions conform to ANSI B16.1 standards. 

ASME B16.5 Class 150 Flange Dimensions. All sizes in inches.

Nominal Pipe Size Diameter of Bolt Circle Bolt Hole Diameter Bolt Diameter Number of Bolts
4 7-1/2 3/4 5/8 8
6 9-1/2 7/8 3/4 8
8 11-3/4 7/8 3/4 8
10 14-1/4 1 7/8 12
12 17 1 7/8 12
14 18-3/4 1-1/8 1 12
16 21-1/4 1-1/8 1 16
18 22-3/4 1-1/4 1-1/8 16
20 25 1-1/4 1-1/8 20
24 29-1/2 1-3/8 1-1/4 20

Please Note: Koflo offers many additional mixer options that may not be listed above. Please Contact Us to discuss other options or requirements for your specific application.