Custom Teflon® Lined Static Mixer

Custom Static Mixer

For applications with more aggressive chemical mixing and/or higher temperature mixing, Teflon® Static Mixers are a compelling alternative to PVC or Kynar®. Koflo offers custom Teflon static mixers with a variety of options and configurations to suit nearly any application. Standard Teflon mixers are offered in Teflon PTFE-lined carbon steel with solid PFA mixing elements. For higher flow velocities or more physically demanding flow conditions, Teflon PTFE-lined carbon steel housings with removable Hastelloy® C-276 mixing elements are also offered. 


In-Stock Alternate

For threaded systems, Koflo offers in-stock Teflon® PFA static mixers. Click below to learn more.

Typical Applications

  • Aggressive chemical blending
  • pH Control
  • Higher temperature chemical mixing


Teflon® PTFE

  • Diameter: 1" - 16"
  • Housing:
  • Standard: Schedule 40 carbon steel
  • Optional: 304 / 304L SS, 316 / 316L SS
  • Liner: Teflon® PTFE
  • Elements:
  • Standard: Solid Teflon® PFA
  • Optional: Hastelloy® C-276

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Available Options

Element Design

Teflon® Koflo Blade™ elements

Koflo Blade™ Mixing Elements

The patented Koflo Blade™ style element provides Koflo's best-in-class efficient mixing ability for turbulent flow applications combined with minimal pressure (head) loss. Koflo's Blade™ elements are available in multiple configurations for demanding applications

  • Standard Design - Recommended for most applications. Koflo's standard configuration provides the best combination of mixing ability, pressure loss, and overall length.
  • Low Pressure Loss Design - For limited head pressure applications where lower pressure loss is a critical requirement. Lower pressure loss than standard design elements.
  • Ultra Low Pressure Loss Design - For critically limited head applications where lower pressure loss is paramount to the system design.
  • High-Mix Design - For space-constrained applications that demand Koflo's best-in-class mixing in a shorter overall length

Please note that Koflo does not sell elements without housings. Teflon® elements are shown for informational purposes only.

Hastelloy® helical mixing elements for Teflon®-lined static mixers

Helical mixing elements

Teflon®-lined mixers can be configured with Hastelloy® C-276 removable helical mixing elements. Solid Teflon elements are not available. Koflo's helical-style static mixer elements are designed to provide optimal mixing for laminar / plug flow applications. Benefits of helical-style mixing elements include:

  • Optimal mixing for laminar or high-viscosity flows
  • Low pressure loss design
  • Ensure homogeneous mixing across large flow ranges

Please note that Koflo does not sell elements without housings. Elements are shown for informational purposes only.

Other Options

Teflon® PTFE-lined instrument tee

Instrument Tee

Instrument tees can be placed upstream of your Koflo static mixer and mounted between two flange faces to introduce additive streams to the main process flow. Teflon lined instrument tees feature a flanged port assembly (carbon steel as standard) with the same heavy duty Teflon lining utilized in Koflo Teflon lined mixers. Tees and can be paired with a Koflo centerline injection sparger  for safe and effective delivery of chemicals into the center of the main stream.

Please Note: Koflo offers many additional mixer options that may not be listed above. Please Contact Us to discuss other options or requirements for your specific application.