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Welder constructing Koflo Blade™ style static mixing elements

Custom Static Mixers

One of Koflo's greatest strengths is our ability to build custom and OEM mixers at a reasonable cost with the same level of quality and service as our standard product line.

With over 30 years of experience in pioneering modern static mixer design, Koflo treats each custom static mixer design with unparalleled attention to our customers' needs and specific applications. Often, engineering the perfect static mixer requires designing around a complex or limiting use case, and Koflo's experience with thousands of unique applications enables us to meet each customers' critical criteria such as the following:

  • High turndown ratios
  • Limited available pump head
  • Corrosive/caustic chemicals
  • Space constraints

For help designing the perfect mixer for your application: Request a Quote or Contact Us

OEM Program

For OEMs and system builders, Koflo's OEM program offers a compelling combination of speed to delivery and custom-engineered mixers. By stocking main components, we are able to build mixers for our OEM clients that fit their specific systems needs or requirements, rather than having the customer fit their system to our mixer. These mixers come in all shapes and sizes, with custom lengths, number and style of mixing elements, and end connections as some major options. Once these units become a customers standard, we stock individual components or complete products to ensure that we meet their required delivery schedules.

Custom Mixer Product Lines